What Does Rabbit Taste Like?

A plate of food Description automatically generated with low confidence

A plate of food Description automatically generated with low confidence

Consuming rabbit meat is not very popular in the US. Many still view rabbits as fuzzy pets that people bring out during Easter. However, it is a common choice of meat in other parts of the world. For example, in China, France, or Africa, people regularly eat rabbit meat instead of pork or beef.

The sale of rabbit meat is too low that supermarkets have no choice but to stop stocking them. This is a shame because rabbit meat is a good choice for meat-eaters. It has the highest protein content and the lowest fat percentage. It also has the fewest calories compared to lamb, veal, chicken, or any other type of regular meat.

Raising rabbits is also more sustainable because they forage. This means they eat what plants they find. They do not rely on corn or soy for food. These are very energy-intensive plants and have a considerable carbon footprint. They also grow and reproduce much quicker than other meat sources.

Based on studies, you can get six pounds of rabbit meat versus one pound of beef using the same amount of resources such as water and feed. In short, it is much more affordable raising rabbits than any other meat source.

Wild vs. Farm Rabbit meats

You may have heard that rabbit meat tastes so much like chicken. While both are considered white meat, their tastes vary greatly.It can be said that rabbit meat is more flavorful and gamier than chicken. It is drier too. That is because the meat from the rabbit is leaner, so it doesn’t have much fat to retain the moisture in the meat fibers.

Some claim that the best tasting rabbits are the cinnamon, Californian, and silver fox varieties. However, there are still some flavor variations depending on whether the rabbit grew in the wild or was raised on a farm.

Wild Rabbits have a lighter taste because it is leaner. The meat is bound to be harder as well because the animal moved more when it was still alive. The taste is more intense and the food that the rabbit ate in the field will have a huge impact on the flavors of its meat.

Farm rabbits on the other hand are fatter than the ones that grew in the wild. The meat is pinker and more tender. Their meat has a milder taste because they are fed the same food throughout their lives.

Benefits of Eating Rabbit Meat

Whether they are farm-grown or hunted from the wild, rabbits are a good choice as a source of meat for people who are observing a low-calorie and low cholesterol diet. There are other benefits to eating rabbit meat.

Great source of protein

It is said that of all animals that people consume, rabbit meat has the highest protein content. This is the source of crucial amino acids that our bodies require to function properly. Additionally, because the meat is very tender and contains low collagen, it is easier to digest. That is why people who suffer from gout and hyperuricemia are encouraged to choose rabbit meat over other types of meat.

It is low in cholesterol and fat

Consuming rabbit meat rather than other meat types is recommended for people who have cardiovascular diseases because it is low in fat and cholesterol. It can help in weight loss and is said to prevent obesity. It is a healthier choice than other types of meat.

It has a high water content

Water makes up over 70% of rabbit meat. Of course, this would vary depending on what the rabbit ate and its breed.

It is a good source of calcium

Calcium is essential in bone building. Eating rabbit meat will help in making your bones stronger. Additionally, this is also a component that aids in the proper functioning of the heart, nerves, and muscles.

Tips in Preparing Rabbit Meat

It has been said time and again that rabbit meat is leaner, dryer, and gamier than regular meat. Preparing it is slightly different than how you would cook cuts of chicken or beef.

However, you can use rabbit meat to make your regular dishes. You can roast it, turn it into a pie filling, add it to curry or ground it for burger patties. All it takes is a little extra preparation to turn the rabbit meat into a wonderful part of any meal. One particularly popular way to cook rabbit meat is to stew it.

Don’t cook the meat too long.

Just like in keeping chicken meat juicy, you need to cook rabbit meat fast. You can pan-fry it at about 70 degrees for about 20 minutes. Any longer and it will dry out. Of course, this will also depend on which part you are cooking. You need to check if it is a fatty part or not. If there is less fat, you need to cook it faster.

Cook the meat slowly

Keep the heat on low if you want to develop the taste of the rabbit meat. Slow cooking also ensures that the meat stays tender and juicy. Submerge the meats in some liquid and cook it over low temperature. This will prevent the connective tissues of the meat from becoming hard.

Season the meat well

Besides salt, rabbit meat also goes well with prunes, sage, rosemary, and garlic. These are the best flavorings that you can add to bring out the baste taste of the meat. Additionally, you can combine it with salty meats like ham and pancetta. For a little more tanginess, you can add some mustard dressing or cider if you want to use rabbit meat for creamy dishes.

Eating rabbit meat has a lot of benefits not just for you but for the environment as well. It is low in fat and high in protein. Raising rabbits is not as energy-intensive either. If you worry that the rabbit meat tastes different from what you are used to, don’t. Knowing the proper steps in preparing rabbit meat will ensure that it tastes good and stays moist. If you cook it properly, you will realize that eating rabbit meat is quite enjoyable.



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