Wild game sausage

Wild game sausage is a product that needs to be approached. You can get a dish with a specific aroma from the same piece that will be difficult to chew or a real culinary masterpiece with a unique rich meat taste. Therefore, game meat is usually chosen for special occasions. This meat has a unique character, so it is perfect for pampering your guests with something. And to make the surprise successful, we will tell you what kind of game is and where it is better to buy it.


Where does the game come from?

The answer seems obvious – from the wild. But not everything is so simple. The game, which can be bought in the store, is bred in the nurseries of the hunting farms and then released into the hunting grounds in their natural living conditions. It allows you to control the livestock of animals, eliminate the threat of extinction of any species, and do not harm wildlife. When buying such a sausage, you do not have to worry about its safety: it goes through all the necessary processing and veterinary control. Otherwise, there is a threat of parasite infestation, and the pungent smell of unprocessed sausage can discourage your culinary enthusiasm.

It would be best if you did not buy sausage from individuals or on the market. Such meat can be dangerous and straightforward and low-quality since everything matters: correct slaughter and cutting, aging, processing, and much more.

Game types

The game can be conditionally divided into feathered and mammals, although other classifications are used in hunting practice. Game birds include quail, pheasants, partridges, hazel grouses, ducks, geese, and other less common species of wild birds. Many of them have been domesticated for a long time, and most often, it is poultry that is found on sale, so we will not dwell on them in detail. And it is better to take a closer look at the wild mammals that are commonly eaten. The most common bushmeat that you can buy in stores are:

  • vebbcnison;
  • elk;
  • boar.

Less commonly, you can find roe, beaver, hare, bear meat, boudin, and other types of meat. They are often sold as prepared deli meats or canned goods.

Why is game meat beneficial?

Game meat has many advantages over captive domesticated beef. As a rule, it is more dietary since wild animals move a lot and do not accumulate excess fat. They live in ecologically clean areas and eat natural food – no hormones or antibiotics. For the same reasons, they are higher in protein, vitamins, and other nutrients.

  • Deer meat and venison sausage calories

Venison is considered one of the safest and cleanest types of wild meat. Reindeer practically do not get sick. They live in pristine northern forests away from industrial enterprises and highways and feed on plant food. In deer, sausage calories are 30% lower calories than beef, while it contains more protein. It is rich in vitamins of group B, PP, and all kinds of trace elements, especially a lot of iron. All these wishes venison is an excellent dietary alternative to farm meat recommended to athletes and those who watch their diet.

  • Elk meat

The nutritional value of elk meat is close to that of venison since these animals belong to the same family and live in similar conditions. However, moose are less common, so their meat is less common on the market. The calorie content of elk meat is even lower than that of venison – only 100kcal. Per 100g. For instance, there are 379kcal. Per 100g. inblood sausage calories. Besides, it is an excellent source of valuable protein that is easily absorbed by the body. Eating such meat will support the brain’s work, muscular system, help to strengthen bones, improve metabolism and increase hemoglobin levels.

  • Boar meat

This begs comparison with pork – the closest relative of the wild boar, bred in captivity. These animals illustrate the difference between wild and farm animals. Pork has twice the calorie content of wild boar and is more deficient in nutritional value, so the benefits of an active life and a natural diet are evident. Wild boar meat is rich in monounsaturated fats, iron, zinc, B vitamins, selenium, while low in sodium. The way of life also radically changes the taste of meat: you will not find anything in common with pork in wild boar meat. It is more prosperous, more complex, with nutty notes – gourmets highly value this meat.

  • Roe deer

It belongs to the deer family, but their meat can be compared more with mutton. It has a similar texture and taste. The fat freezes just as quickly, but there is no specific mutton flavor that many people dislike. In terms of calories, it is closer to boudin sausage calories, perhaps a little more nutritious and fatty. However, roe deer meat remains a valuable dietary product that normalizes intestinal microflora and helps to strengthen the immune system. It will be helpful for the elderly and weakened people to recuperate and those who monitor their weight.

Culinary features of game sausage

With all its advantages, the game is rarely on our tables. Many are stopped by the specificity of meat and the complexity of its preparation and simply not knowing how to do it correctly. What are the features of the game, because of which it becomes more difficult to cook them?

  • Game sausages are pretty tough and dry, but with proper preparation, this can be fixed.
  • Not everyone will like the specific smell and taste of wild meat. But there are simple ways to get rid of it.
  • Parasites can be found in any game, and this repels many. Choosing a reliable supplier and suitable heat treatment of the sausage solves this problem.

Hunting farms that are engaged in game breeding professionally cut meat immediately – this significantly affects its quality. Besides, the sausage that ends up on your table should be aged from several days to two weeks (depending on the size of the animal) – this softens its taste and makes it more pleasant.



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